Update May 2018

Hello all, if you have been following the river levels, it’s been a roller coaster this month.  In good news, the water level dropped earlier in the month to have some debris removed at the dam spillways.  Thank you to ComEd at finally cleaning out the spillways such that the dam can operate as needed.

Now the water levels are high. I know a lot of people are wondering why….we haven’t had any rain.  All of the water rise is due to heavy rains in Wisconsin last week that is flowing down our area.   ComEd knew that the water level was going to rise and definitely not proactive in their gate operations.  Most of the time looking at the level heights, ComEd was not maintaining the proper river height. I hear the Rock River Home Owners Association have been in contact with ComEd and are having issues having the dam adjusted to maintain the 702.5 height at the dam.  ComEd has promised to come out on a certain day to make the adjustment and a day or two later it’s finally adjusted meanwhile the water levels are rising.  At 8 am this morning we are at 7.77 ft for Latham Bridge.  “No Wake” restrictions start at 8.00 ft.   This means if the water rises 2.76 inches, it will go to “No Wake”. Even at this level if you drive across Lathan Bridge, you can see houses on the east side of the river have water in their yards.  ComEd is not only allowing possible damage to our properties but restricting the natural recreational resource.  Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and it’s very possible at this point the river will be at “No Wake”.

We’ve been promised in May that ComEd will make a public announcement on repair plans for the dam.  We will see what happens. If you live on the river, we know that ComEd loves having the water level high so your sump pumps run.  We’ve estimated there may be up to 1000 sump pumps that run more often which is adding revenue to ComEd.

We need your help.  Please contact ComEd and your local politicians to help us in our push to fix the Fordam Dam.  List of contacts can be found at this link.

Rock River Levels can be found at This Link.

Please spread the word! Lastly, thank you to all that helped with Saving Pee Island!  As a river family, there is nothing we cannot do!