Thursday Update

Dam update: As we all have noticed the flow rate of water past our homes has started to go down. This is a welcome relief for residents that have had several sump pumps running non stop for the last month and a half. If the trend continues the pumps might stop running in the next week or two. I would like to point out what a great job Sheriff Caruana is doing to monitor the dam and adjust it as needed in a proactive manner for winnebago county. The RRHA/Sheriff and Com-Ed are running river levels according to the proactive numbers set forth at the town hall meeting last march. When latham is above the 7′ action stage the gates will be adjusted to a level of 1.5’/1.8′. When it gets above those levels the gates are adjusted open. Like is seen on the dam gage this week we went below and it required an adjustment. Sheriff Caruana called me this afternoon to inform us that yesterdays adjustment was a few inches high so he had an operator come back out today and tweak the level to stay at the proactive level that is in place. I cant tell all of you enough, this sheriff is the most pro river sheriff I have ever seen. He truly cares for all residents along and near the river who are battling high water events. In 1976 when the gates on the dam were put into service it was with the understanding that they would work to mimic the old dam operation. Thanks to all the progress with Sheriff Caruana and Com-Ed working together our dam is doing all it responsibly can during these times of record rain fall in the rock river basin.