Friday Update

River Update! I received an email from the NWS today. Scott Lincoln informed me that they are keeping an eye on the storm saturday night for our region. The fox and rock river basins are thought to be spared from the heaviest of the rain event. Although any change in the storm track to the north would be bad for both rivers. High soil moisture and reduced evaporation means that rivers will not be getting back to normal low levels until at least the end of November with little to no rain fall. They are hoping the soil can dry out before the ground freeze sets in. Is it just me or does it seam like we are all of a sudden living in Seattle with all the non stop rain. The only saving grace is Com-Ed and Sheriff Caruana will be running the river levels as proactive as possible to help get us through this soggy fall season. Please don’t shoot the messenger, Im just trying to keep every one current with the latest information.