River Status 3/7/20

From Steve Lucas:

Thank you Sheriff Caruana and com-ed for continuing to monitor our river levels and make the necessary gate adjustments as needed for winnebago county as was done this morning. Yes there is a select few residents that have distressed flood plane property that will always complain but the vast majority of us are great full for your nonstop efforts. Local fire depts. are downtown this morning doing spring training exercises to get ready to assist should the need arise this summer for their assistance. Water levels are not out of the normal at the present time as a handful of complaining residents are trying to tell us. You would think that after the educational town hall meeting the NWS held a year ago people would start to except how rivers work when there is to much ground water present. There is no way to dictate common sense and some people just want to spend every waking minute complaining about everything. For the tens of thousands of residents that use our river each summer spring fever is here and the days of being out on our beautiful river are inching closer to reality