River Update 4/4/20

Weekend update: The dam is running at a proactive level as the gauge shows. Area rivers are slowly dropping to the relief of residents. If we could get the pecatonica river to drop as fast as the kishwaukee river things would be improving faster here. We need to keep practicing social distancing to keep safe. If home school parents want an interesting science project, a trip to the bike path bridge just downstream of the dam is an interesting place to visit . The gates on the dam are open about 3/4 of the way. This causes a rush of water through them that is incredible to witness. Standing on the walk path and seeing and hearing 5,700,000 gallons of water pass underneath you every minute is mind blowing. We are at a time when we are out in public we are advised to wear a mask or scarf to help protect our self and others. If you chose to do this please practice safe social distancing measures. You can also stay in your car and from the parking lot south of davis park witness the power of the turbulent discharge of the water through our dam. Please stay safe during these uncertain times we are all facing everyday.