River Update 4/19/20

Weekend update: I hope everyone is doing well with these uncertain times we are facing.We are better off than some states around us with silly restrictions they face. We are allowed to cut our grass with out getting a fine. We are also allowed to go for a boat ride if we chose to do so. The area rivers are continuing a slow descent which is a welcome relief for us all. The flow rate at rockton is still around 4.5 million gallons of water per minute is the reason for elevated river levels for our area. The forecast for this week looks to have rain totals stay less than 1″ which will help to not cause any problems for us. These sunny and windy days are helping to dry out farm fields in our drainage basin. This is the key to allow light rain events a place to soak into instead of instantly hitting area rivers. Our region is still saturated but so far things look much better than this time last year. Lets keep our fingers crossed that May first brings some needed relief for the state to try to get back on the road to recovery. Stay safe and healthy and pray for the sun and wind to continue to bless our area.