Town Hall Meeting

Just a reminder, Town Hall Meeting on the Rock River Conditions will be Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 6:00pm at Harlem High School.

Main Speakers: NOAA, Sheriff’s Department, Rock River Home Owners Association, & ComEd

FORDAM Gauge is Back!

Thank you to the RRHA for funding the gauge with donations from the Rockford Community! It’s great to see the community support to make sure the dam is operating as it should be to help eliminate flood and make it safe for boaters!

Flooding and Ramp Use

Sheriff just called and the river is going back to closed to recreational boating. However if someone needs to take their boat to a boat ramp at no-wake level they are still legal.

About available boat ramps. River keys Riverview Ice House South ramp only. North ramp is Chained and the old Coast Guard building just north of Auburn Street on the east side. Harlem Sportscore and Martin Park are all unusable. There is also a boat ramp on the north side of Latham Bridge on the east side.

Looks like we may hit 2008 water levels.

Labor Day Update

The dam was closed late last night due to extremely low water just north of the dam. Boats that were downtown were starting to hit the bottom of the river. An additional 2-3 inches of ran fell overnight and at this point, the dam isnt going to help much. The sheriff, Gary Caruana, has been extremely helpful in managing the dam over the last few days. Thank you for your help. Please secure your docks and boats due to projected river heights.

Water is flowing at 7.5 million gallons a minute.