River Update 3/20/20

RIVER UPDATE. Mother nature gave us all some welcome relief by not dumping on our basin as much rain as originally thought. Yes the sump pumps are running but the river is a far cry from this time last year. As we all struggle with what the world is dumping on us let us hope it will be over by the time summer gets here. The dam is still running at a proactive level of between 1.5/1.8 as set in the operations plan. We will get through this in time and I wish all fellow river residents prayers with your day to day challenges during these uncertain times.

River Update 3/11/20

Looks like we received less rain in the basin than was projected. Gages have started to flat line which is good news for residents sump pumps. There is more rain in the forecast this week unfortunately. As with all rain events if it stays more south we will see less of a rise here. Sheriff Caruana monitors the dam on a daily basis and will have com-ed go back out when needed for necessary adjustments. Thank you Com-ed and Sheriff Caruana for your non stop attention to area residents river concerns. The vast majority of us approve of your efforts. Keep up the great work.

River Update 3/10/20

Did a check of area dams. Our dam is at 70% open as of 10:00. The beloit dam is at 30% open at 10:00. The reason we are open more is due to the fact of the pec. and sugar rivers being out of their banks. The kish. river is giving its flow to byron. All dams in the country open as needed as the flow rates increase and close as the flow decreases. We should not send excessive water to ogle county and rock county should not send excessive water to us. Everyone works together to the benefit of all. The bottom line is mother nature is in charge of the show and we all just need to be patient. Sun,wind and warm temps. are our only hope for a speedy recovery.

River Status 3/7/20

From Steve Lucas:

Thank you Sheriff Caruana and com-ed for continuing to monitor our river levels and make the necessary gate adjustments as needed for winnebago county as was done this morning. Yes there is a select few residents that have distressed flood plane property that will always complain but the vast majority of us are great full for your nonstop efforts. Local fire depts. are downtown this morning doing spring training exercises to get ready to assist should the need arise this summer for their assistance. Water levels are not out of the normal at the present time as a handful of complaining residents are trying to tell us. You would think that after the educational town hall meeting the NWS held a year ago people would start to except how rivers work when there is to much ground water present. There is no way to dictate common sense and some people just want to spend every waking minute complaining about everything. For the tens of thousands of residents that use our river each summer spring fever is here and the days of being out on our beautiful river are inching closer to reality

River Update 12/30/19

The call has been made to the sheriff to have the gates adjusted to keep the dam running in a proactive manner for winnebago county. There is more rain in the forecast for the weekend.

River Update 12/13/19

FYI. The spillway went dry yesterday at the dam. An adjustment was made to correct the problem. It was a little to much so they will be back out today to correct. Thank you for your patience. The yahara river was the reason for the rockton gage moving so much the last day and a half I was informed by the NWS yesterday.

River Update 11/21/19

River update: I have been in contact with Sheriff Caruana this morning. I requested that there be an adjustment made at the dam for the river rise that will occur from today’s rain. He informed me that Com-Ed will take the level at the dam to 1.5 either later today or first thing in the morning. I would like to advise river residents to add more ropes to their docks and remove or secure items in their back yards this fall. The flood this march happened very quickly as we all are now aware of. We have the same situation setting up again for next spring. Its much easier to prepare for this now when the water is not in our yards and access is much easier. Better to be safe than sorry.