River Update 12/30/19

The call has been made to the sheriff to have the gates adjusted to keep the dam running in a proactive manner for winnebago county. There is more rain in the forecast for the weekend.

River Update 12/13/19

FYI. The spillway went dry yesterday at the dam. An adjustment was made to correct the problem. It was a little to much so they will be back out today to correct. Thank you for your patience. The yahara river was the reason for the rockton gage moving so much the last day and a half I was informed by the NWS yesterday.

River Update 11/21/19

River update: I have been in contact with Sheriff Caruana this morning. I requested that there be an adjustment made at the dam for the river rise that will occur from today’s rain. He informed me that Com-Ed will take the level at the dam to 1.5 either later today or first thing in the morning. I would like to advise river residents to add more ropes to their docks and remove or secure items in their back yards this fall. The flood this march happened very quickly as we all are now aware of. We have the same situation setting up again for next spring. Its much easier to prepare for this now when the water is not in our yards and access is much easier. Better to be safe than sorry.

Forecast for Winter 2019-20

We received this from the NOAA – NWS Chicago Office:

Rock River Basin and Fox River Basin hydrology contacts, For your situational awareness… we want to bring to your attention an increased risk for flooding next spring due to very wet conditions this fall. Typically, fall is too early to determine the risk for flooding the following spring, but conditions across large portions of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions have been wet enough to likely increase the risk of elevated river levels and potential flooding into at least early next spring. Even assuming no future precipitation, it would take until mid to late December for the Rock and Fox Rivers to fall to more normal levels. This does not mean that spring flooding is certain because multiple factors contribute, including: High fall river levels High fall soil moisture Winter precipitation, temperature, and snow cover Spring precipitation, temperature, and snow melt Risk factors for spring flooding will be monitored closely throughout the winter. For more information, see attachment.

At this time, we do not anticipate any updates on the spring flood risk until our regularly scheduled spring flood outlooks, which will be released:

February 13, February 27, and March 12

Spring PDF – Click Here to View

Friday Update

River Update! I received an email from the NWS today. Scott Lincoln informed me that they are keeping an eye on the storm saturday night for our region. The fox and rock river basins are thought to be spared from the heaviest of the rain event. Although any change in the storm track to the north would be bad for both rivers. High soil moisture and reduced evaporation means that rivers will not be getting back to normal low levels until at least the end of November with little to no rain fall. They are hoping the soil can dry out before the ground freeze sets in. Is it just me or does it seam like we are all of a sudden living in Seattle with all the non stop rain. The only saving grace is Com-Ed and Sheriff Caruana will be running the river levels as proactive as possible to help get us through this soggy fall season. Please don’t shoot the messenger, Im just trying to keep every one current with the latest information.

Thursday Update

Dam update: As we all have noticed the flow rate of water past our homes has started to go down. This is a welcome relief for residents that have had several sump pumps running non stop for the last month and a half. If the trend continues the pumps might stop running in the next week or two. I would like to point out what a great job Sheriff Caruana is doing to monitor the dam and adjust it as needed in a proactive manner for winnebago county. The RRHA/Sheriff and Com-Ed are running river levels according to the proactive numbers set forth at the town hall meeting last march. When latham is above the 7′ action stage the gates will be adjusted to a level of 1.5’/1.8′. When it gets above those levels the gates are adjusted open. Like is seen on the dam gage this week we went below and it required an adjustment. Sheriff Caruana called me this afternoon to inform us that yesterdays adjustment was a few inches high so he had an operator come back out today and tweak the level to stay at the proactive level that is in place. I cant tell all of you enough, this sheriff is the most pro river sheriff I have ever seen. He truly cares for all residents along and near the river who are battling high water events. In 1976 when the gates on the dam were put into service it was with the understanding that they would work to mimic the old dam operation. Thanks to all the progress with Sheriff Caruana and Com-Ed working together our dam is doing all it responsibly can during these times of record rain fall in the rock river basin.

Monday Update

River Update. I have been contact with the NWS. Scott Lincoln informed me that the rain we just received did not amount to much for the basin. The river will continue its slow descent for the next week. He informed me that there is still an excessive amount of water in the basin flood planes north of us that still needs to drain this way. The river closed will be lifted soon and the river will be going to no wake for the next few weeks. Residents that need to get boats out for the season should think about doing so as water levels and current start to lessen. The dam is being monitored daily by SHERIFF CARUANA and the dam will continue to run in a proactive manner for Winnebago county until the high water event passes. 2 years in a row. Lets hope next year is a normal year for rain for a change🤞

Current River Status

River update. I have been in contact with Scott Lincoln from the nws. I expressed concern with the future rain that is predicted for friday for our basin. He informed me that some of that rain is already plugged into the future line on the latham gage. They feel as long as the totals stay under 1″ for the area we should be ok. The levels may rise back to the level we were just at a couple of days ago. We have all been beat down from the last year of nonstop record rainfall totals. We need to keep our fingers crossed the rain event is on the light side for our basin.