River Heights

Legend Information:
NWS Rockton Gauge. This gauge is not effect by the actions Fordam Dam. This section of the river is free flowing.

NWS Gauge at Latham St Bridge. Gauge that give water level in upper pool. Gauge used by many public agency to determine when the river is closed for use by public. 8 ft is the “No Wake” mark and 10 is the River “Closed” mark. This gage is very necessary for closure of the river for recreational usage.

NWS Gauge at Auburn St Bridge Gauge that gives water levels downtown. If you subtract flow rate at Auburn Gauge from Latham Gauge you will get an idea how much water is going thru the gates.

NWS Gauge at Rockford Dam Gauge that gives water levels at the Dam. Permit requires the dam to maintain a height of 2.5 feet. This chart was made available via private funds from the RRHA “River Gauges Fund”.

River heights shown below give a quick overview of water levels on the Rockford area.
For more detail information and how to read the gauges follow the links to the National Weather Service website gauge

Rock River at Rockton

Latham Park

Auburn St Bridge

Rock River at Rockford Dam

Rock River at Byron